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Re: [OT] BIOS Power On by PS/2 Keyboard

On Sat, 23 Jul 2011 15:59:13 -0500, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

> Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
>> Camaleón wrote:


>>> It looks like you are getting into hibernation instead of performing a
>>> full power off but anyway, AFAIK restoring from hibernation can be
>>> only done from power button, not from keyboard :-?
>> Right. That's what I thought. I "believe" that the BIOS Power on from
>> Keyboard option brought on my keyboard errors. The new keyboard that I
>> bought (since returned to the store...)had a multitude of multimedia
>> buttons and a "power" button, which I hit, and... it powered off the
>> system. As of yet the keyboard errors have not returned to my IBM
>> keyboard from 1993.
>>>> I have not tried other keys, but next time around I will.
> Hitting any key powers up the system.

Then that behaviour has no relation with the BIOS setting. You are just 
awaking the system from hibernation. Now you just need to find out how is 
that your system can be restored by simple pressing any key as that 
should only happen for suspended systems not hibernated ones :-?



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