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Re: Can not startx anymore after the laptop was forced to turn off

>   how can i fix the issue, any idea? thanks in advance.

I suggest, not to use the noveau driver. Maybe you should try to use the 
nvidia-drivers, which are offered in packages. For easy installation, you 
should use the nvidia-kernel-dkms and nvidia-glx package.

Make sure, the linux-headers afre installed. module-assistant does that for 

When everything is installed,  especially the -dkms packages, then the modules 
will be automatically built (thank you, dear developers for the idea of dkms!)

Maybe it is necessary to install the package nvidia-glx by hand. 

Change the entry in xorg.conf from "nouveau" to "nvidia" and leave the rest as 

For testing purposes I suggest to move your login-manager out of the way, so 
it will not start (for example move /etc/init.d/kdm to /root). 

When you restart you get a console and can start with "startx" and see the 
output when it fails.

When everything is working fine, move kdm (or your choosen login-manager like 
gdm or xdm) back to /etc/init.d/ and have fun.

Good luck!


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