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Re: Can't smoothly type in gnome-terminal

Le mardi 05 juillet 2011 à 13:03 +0900, Miles Bader a écrit : 
> Chris <bbshliu@gmail.com> writes:
> > According to a reply to bug #631116, installing ibus-gtk3 solved the
> > typing issue for me. But the bad style is still here. A reboot makes
> > no difference.

As for the theme, the only available theme for GTK3 at the moment is
Adwaita, so you need to use this one.

> [Argh, even though I'm the original bug reporter for #631116, I didn't
> get any of the email followups, so I didn't seem those replies until you
> mentioned them!  Some stupid spam filter crap no doubt... Spammers
> ... must .... die....]

No, this is because of #434257. The debbugs developers don’t want to fix
their software.

> So what exactly is gnome-terminal screwing up here...?  Why does
> disabling SCIM solve it?

As mentioned in the bug log, SCIM doesn’t provide a GTK3 module.

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