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Re: Debian Squeeze got frozen

On Fri, 08 Jul 2011 14:08:06 +0700, Hoang Le wrote:

>> What video card do you have and what driver do you use with it?
> Dear Juan,
> My video card is Radeon HD 3450.
> I'm not sure what driver I'm using. How do I know that?
> I tried to install a proprietary driver from AMD's site in my previous
> installation but the performance was terrible so I didn't use it. 

I suspect your problem is caused by your previous glrx driver 
installation. It is known that ATI proprietary driver overwrite some Xorg 

Try to follow this guide to remove all signs of glrx from your system and 
then to reinstall Xorg driver:


> Here
> is some packages I have installed, maybe you have some idea what driver
> I'm using
> firmware-linux-nonfree
> xserver-xorg-video-radeon
> radeontool
> libdrm-radeon1
> xserver-xorg-video-ati

The driver installed on your system is open source ATI Radeon driver. But 
again see my advise above. You can find the reference to the problem in 
this Debian guide too:


I'm quite positive that your problem is in not completely removed glrx 
libs, since my system get frozen quite often exactly you describe it, 
when using glrx. Since I removed it following the links above and 
reinstalled Xorg driver my system stopped freezing.

Though I'm still fighting to make compiz working.

My card is Radeon HD 5500.

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