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Re: Copying a bootable CD

On Mi, 29 iun 11, 06:13:21, Martin McCormick wrote:
> William Hopkins writes:
> > $ dd if=/dev/cdrom of=filename.iso bs=2048 conv=notrunc
> > 
> > then burn the ISO using your tool of choice (wodim, etc.)
> 	This worked perfectly. Thank you.
> 	Interestingly, I tried the dd command with the
> parameters above and without and got the same bytes in the image
> both times. The CDR works flawlessly.

Of course you did :)

bs=2048 means that dd should read/write in blocks of 2048 bytes--should 
speed things up a bit since the default is too small for recent hardware

conv=notrunc means "do not truncate the output file" according to the 
manpage, but I have no ideea what it's good for, but doesn't sound like 
it would affect your image :p

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