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Re: C compiler cannot create executables no good google answers

lee <lee@yun.yagibdah.de> writes:

> Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:
>> I'm trying to compile emacs-24 on a newly installed squeeze system.
> Where did you get version 24?

>From the bzr server on savannah.org where emacs devel is done.

>> I get the error  C compiler cannot create executables
>> [...]
>> Can anyone tell me what I need for the compiler to work building emacs?
> Can the compiler create executables when you compile other software?  I
> don't know what it takes to compile emacs 24.  I might try and find
> out, just couldn't find it.

I got past that now... apparently finally got whatever it was
installed.  But now ./configure complains about X libraries:

   error: You seem to be running X, but no X development libraries
   were found.  You should install the relevant development files for
   X and for the toolkit you want, such as Gtk+, Lesstif or Motif.
   Also make sure you have development files for image handling, i.e.
   tiff, gif, jpeg, png and xpm.

Do you know which packages might be needed?

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