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Re: cloning a lvm crypto volume to a bigger disk

> Wow ... now I have a lot to do :-)

Hey, it's only about seven comands, plus some file editing. :) Don't let
my lengthy explanations scare you from doing it that way. It's a great
feeling to shuffle an OS around under your butt while it's running!

> Just glancing through I'm thinking if I even need LVM. It was done
> automatically by the installer.

Retrospectively, I hope I had started using LVM sooner. It makes many
things really easy and it allows for some things that aren't even
possible using traditional DOS partitioning.

> I guess if I didn't have it I would need a separate dm-crypt and LUKS
> partition for each of /, /home and swap which in turn would mean 3
> separate keys + passwords.

Yes. You could get away with only one passphrase if you put key files
for the other filesystems on that one.

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