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Re: Computer instability under Debian Stable

On 3 July 2011 18:56, Nicolas Bercher <nbercher@yahoo.fr> wrote:

Hi Nicolas,

> So, before upgrading the kernel to 2.6.38, where you using the standard
> stable Debian kernel (2.6.32)?  If not (but seems yes), maybe downgrading
> the kernel back to the stable one is a good thing to test.

The problem was also in 2.6.32 ans was the reason I tried 2.6.38.

> Maybe this is still a hardware issue (typically bad electrical contacts) you
> have temporarly disabled because of physical manipulations on the machine.
>  So, I encourage you to retry Debian and see how long the uptime can be.  Of
> course this test may require several days...

The chassis is fine, Running an Ubuntu Live CD and Win7Pro 64bit works
If I reboot out of Ubuntu it will fail overnight, sometimes less than 2 hours.

> Another thing, have you see any kernel oops (Call Trace, etc.) in the logs?
> Did you try to unload kernel modules you might have installed recently?

I don't see anything on the screen, Can't wake up the screen (it goes
blank) no oops, no nothing. Dosen't even respond to a num-lock,
caps-lock button press.


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apartment it is.

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