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Debian 5.0.5 Binaries 1 throuh 5

                                                                                     July 7 2011

From:        tmysdd1@Gmail.com

       After having installed Debian 5.0.5 the first time and after the request when on the internet (had left clicked on an item in the

 lower right hand part of the screen of the desktop stating that updates were available) to put disks 1 through 5 back into the DVD

 drive, had found that Debian 5.0.5 did not install the second time(installation stops at "Detect and Mount CD-ROM")

       Had looked at Debian 5.0.5 binaries 1 through 5 in Dolphin File Manager on Mandriva 2009 Powerpack and had found the

(1) "file or folder /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd64 Bin-1/debian/debian/debian/debian"...(left clicking more than 220 times on folder

"debian" on Disk 1) ..."does not exist"

(2) "file or folder /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd Bin-2/debian/debian/debian"..."/debian does not exist"

(3) "file or folder /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd Bin-3/debian/debian/debian"..."/debian does not exist"

(4) " file or folder /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd Bin-4/debian/debian/debian"..."/debian does not exist"

(5) "file or folder /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd Bin-5/debian/debian/debian"..."/debian does not exist"

     Can the folders:

                             /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd64 Bin-1

                             /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd 64 Bin-2

                             /media/Debian 5.0.5 amd 64 Bin-3

                             /media/Debian/5.0.5 amd 64 Bin-4

                             /media/Debian/5.0.5 amd 64 Bin-5
be restored?

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