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Re: Copying a bootable CD

On 02/07/11 07:20, Brian wrote:
> On Fri 01 Jul 2011 at 23:49:56 +0300, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
>> conv=notrunc means "do not truncate the output file" according to the 
>> manpage, but I have no ideea what it's good for, but doesn't sound like 
>> it would affect your image :p
> That's a problem which can happen with man pages. You think you know
> what it means but on the witness stand you are torn apart by the
> defense.
> I'd take 'truncate' to mean 'shorten' - but see what you make of this:
> http://dbaspot.com/shell/176725-what-does-notrunc-dd-command-mean.html
> Untested. Use at you own risk!

What is the date of that post?
What OS are the posters referring to?

Tested - file a bug report if it is incorrect :-)

"`append'  Write in append mode, so that even if some other process is
writing to this file, every `dd' write will append to the current
contents of the file.  This flag makes sense only for output.  If you
combine this flag with the `of=FILE' operand, you should also specify
`conv=notrunc' unless you want the output file to be truncated *before
being appended to.*"

ref: info dd


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