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Re: creating a preseed file

"nikhil jain" <nik.jain@gmail.com> writes:

 > 2.Instead of creating a complete preseed.cfg file , can I just add a
 > few lines to it?
 > For example I just want to add the following to the preseed.cfg:

 > will this work? If so instead of (hd0,0) can I specify the / partition
 > ? basically I want to install the boot loader into the same partition
 > as the  /  partition . So how does one figure out the (hd0,0) number
 > of the future  partition? My partition table looks like this :
 > http://i.imgur.com/SC3yC.jpg

Considering that you are a first time debian user, may I suggest that
you do not try such things? Selecting default selections in the debian
installer will be the best option most of the time. Just make sure that
you do not select the entire disk for installation.

When I do an install, I select only the minimal install, (a basic text
only sysem, with no graphics) which is between 500 to 750 MB of
installed space, and around 200MB downloads. The installer will ask me
to reboot after this. After reboot, I run "aptitude" as root, and select
the packages I want. Since you will be using a CD, this should not be a
problem, and you should have a fulfledged debian desktop system in about
30 minutes.

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