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Re: C compiler cannot create executables no good google answers

Hi Harry,
> >> I got past that now... apparently finally got whatever it was
> >> installed.  But now ./configure complains about X libraries:
> >>
> >>    error: You seem to be running X, but no X development libraries
> >>    were found.  You should install the relevant development files for
> >>    X and for the toolkit you want, such as Gtk+, Lesstif or Motif.
> >>    Also make sure you have development files for image handling, i.e.
> >>    tiff, gif, jpeg, png and xpm.
> >>
> >> Do you know which packages might be needed?
> >
> > Not yet; give me some more time and I'll try to compile emacs24 and let
> > you know what I find out ...
> OK, thanks for the effort.

The easiest solution might be to run

aptitude build-dep emacs23

this will install the build-dependences for emacs23 -- which are
probably a good start to try compiling emacs24.
(Maybe they are already sufficient)


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