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debian sensible browser help

I am running squeeze w/ gnome desktop. I am attempting to use
google-chrome as my browser, but I also use Mutt as my MUA.
Under some situations, maybe always, but it is confusing,
when I am presented with an email containing HTML, I am but
into Iceweasel rather than google-chrome. I had thought the
update-alternatives could fix this, but there is not a sensible
browser name in u-a. Googling brings up only hits from several
years ago, and only complaints, not solutions. 

How do I make debian offer google-chrome to gnome? I have 
checked all the places I know of. Where is sensible browser
defined? I'd like to keep iceweasel installed so that I can
use it when I choose to, but I never want it to be automatic
-- at least until, and if, I choose to reject google-chrome.

Paul E Condon           

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