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CIFS module bug?

This is my first time i try to submit a bug.
I'm not able to determine which is the interested package, but i think it's
something related to the cifs module.
I'm using:

1)debian squeeze fully updated on an arm device
2)mounting a remote share using:   mount -t cifs //
/hddext -o user=pippo,password=pluto

The problem is when i try to compile a basic helloworld.c

If i compile the .c file on the native filesystem everything is ok, but if i
move the helloworld.c to /hddext (the mounted share) and compile the source
(gcc helloworld.c) i get this:

cc1: error: main.c: Value too large for defined data type

The remote share is shared on a buffalo nas. I've tryed on another nas
(sitecom) and the problem persists.

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