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Re: Computer instability under Debian Stable

Adrian Levi <adrian.levi@gmail.com> writes:

> My home server has been experiencing instability issues running Debian stable.
> My issue is I have no sound output and overnight the computer will
> hard lock-up so that the num-lock light won't even toggle. I updated
> to 2.6.38 thinking it might be a kernel compatibility issue but the
> problem remains. I downloaded and booted from an Ubuntu 11.04 CD and
> the system has been running stable over the last 5 something days.

You need to figure out what happens to trigger the freezing.  Are there
any entries in syslog that might indicate something?  There's cron
scripts running over night ... Perhaps the easiest way to approach this
is setting the system clock 12 hours or so ahead and see if the freeze
occurs at a different time.  If it does, you can try to track down what
scripts are running over night and find out which one causes the

Or you could try to stop the cron daemon and see if it still freezes.

Take a look at /Documentation/sysrq.txt in the kernel source
tree. Perhaps you can get at least some info when the computer is frozen
with that.

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