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[SOLVED] Re: Can't run apps as root in KDE

--- On Fri, 7/1/11, T Elcor <telcor@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Am having problems running KDE apps as root. To reproduce:
> 1. Open the KDE Menu Editor
> 2. Setup a new app item (for example, copy and paste
> Konqueror to Konqueror-2)
> 3. Goto the "Advanced" tab and check the "Run as a
> different user" checkbox
> 4. Type "root" in the username box
> 5. Save changes
> 6. Run Konqueror-2 from the KDE Kickoff Application
> Laucher.
> Konqueror-2 shows up briefly in the applicaton panel at the
> bottom but it doesn't run.

Considering that I was going to need a couple of apps from testing anyway, I decided to upgrade to testing/wheezy. After upgrade the procedure described above worked fine from the very first time, konqueror runs as root without any issues.

Not sure why it didn't work in squeeze. Thanks to everybody for help.

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