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Re: capslock/numlock keys behavior sometimes reversed

Nicolas Bercher <nbercher@yahoo.fr> writes:

> On 14/07/2011 02:44, lee wrote:
>> Do you have a Hungarian keyboard?
> No, of course I tried this keeping the french layout.
> But two options were really confusing to me and my muscle memory:
>  - "ctrl:swapcaps" : swaps left ctrl with caps
>  - "nodeadkeys" : wasn't able to do ^-e to get ê

The "ctrl:swapcaps" option swaps left Control key with CapsLock key, so
if one hit on tty1 console left Control key, after that can write
uppercase letters only (however, the CapsLock LED remain off, but only
on tty(1-6) console; on X Window system LED works) and vica versa, the
CapsLock key behave as the left Control key, both on tty(1-6) console
and on X Window system too.

Regards, Pal

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