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[no subject] ! Need a{} Diploma? "Issue(s?) with the new udev '/dev' nodes not getting populated (no subject) (OT) Prejudice against sendmail? (sid) apt-get install kde kdm fails - TERRORISMO: CASINI A RUTELLI, GRAVE DIMENTICARE 11/9 /dev/hda cannot be found after upgrading my debian /dev/null altered, ssh, and security /etc/init.d/ and LVM 2 e1000 interfaces not working together 2.6.16-2-686 not booting: Waiting for root filesystem 2.6.18 and ipw3945 3.1 r2 i386 install hangs on IBM ThinkPad A30p 3G card: no product info 3rd posting attempt: in search of a filtering newsreader Re: 3ware woes, seem to be missing vital Etch new install can´t see my serial mouse ajánlás [Fwd: asus am2] solved [Fwd: suspend-to-disk (powersave -U) problems] [MailServer Notification]Attachment Blocking Notification [OT:] windows live cd [Was:] Re: debian unstable, stable enough? Re: [OT] carriage return/line feed characters [OT] Firefox interface font...? [OT] Re: external hard-disk enclosure advice? [OT] Win2k blocks ports to my ISP's pop3 & smtp [OT]: where to find midi file? [schaefer: Re: Disabling some services indivually and easily (nut)] [solved ]Re: Debain with Sata & SCSI = boot problem [SOLVED:] postfix in unstable does not auth to smarthost Re: [SOLVED] make-kpkg + 2.6.18 errors [SOLVED] Re: aptitude and python SRE module mismatch [SOLVED] Re: external USB DVD writer and KDE [Solved] Re: ISP has screwed up smtp for me... [SOLVED] Re: LaTeX: C package [Solved] Re: Sound not configured correctly after recent kernel upgrade [solved] Re: VMware does not work any more [Solved] Re:Help about LVM, lv status inactive Original and inactive Snapshot Re: [SOLVED]samba panics [Unknown Tag *$$beauty#* Please Fix] Gayy# at hardcoree# fuckiing#! About Access to ssh/shell with HTTP connection Accessing a 3rd HDD under grub activate dhcp at boot time Adaptec Hardware Raid Controller added RAM, RAM not recognized by debian adding fonts to system Advanced trash for KDE Allow this field by them and he offered a spiraling iron ALSA configuration strangeness, no card0 but card1 present? ALSA or ARTS strangeness alsa troubles alternative for rdiff-backup AMD 64 Dual Core questions Andreotti, un Giulio sempre piu divo Re: another place where bootup messages are recorded? anybody with external CD/DVD drive (was Re: udev or hal problem ...) aolserver 4.5 on debian apt preferences and apt-build's "Archive" line apt-build apt-build patch available apt-get : unable to parse package file aptitude and python SRE module mismatch aptitude force removal aptitude update and pdiff files Re: aptitude vs. debfoster arts / CPU overload, Debian Etch, KDE 3.5.4 Arts crashes on logout reporting CPU overload asus am2 Automatic logout for inactive login sessions Automatic timing via bash prompt Automount replaces auto.master AV Engines for PPC Fwd: Bachelors, {}Masters, MBA and/or Doctorate (PhD) Backports bash command timer Fwd: Bash script to run OpenJUMP on Linux... bash scripting q bedir polat sohbet etmek istiyor Beta-3 Etch install avoiding commandline? big download abandoned bind keys for vt consoles Bluefish docs? (WAS: Re: Debian apps for CSS editing) Blury fonts in OOo Boot messages booting up - everytime's a surprise! Braindead package management -- was Re: Use of dpkg --set-selections is brain-dead? bttv tuner card and tuner problems Bug in E-bullion system - double your money in seconds Build of a cross-complier fails on etch Building a Static Local Mirror fro CD images Building my own Perl on Sarge AMD64 Building php4 from source with dpkg-buildpackage, errors in cgi-build generated Makefile(s) - libtool not used for cc Buy 5000pcs smart media card , please give me qty and price. can ".zsync" files be added to weekly DVD image directories? Can only burn coasters now Re: Re: can't apt-get install Can't boot stable/sarge on new Intel D102GGC2L mainboard while USB is enabled Can't install software due to problems of msttcorefonts! Can't resize partition with qtparted / parted Cannot Clear Print job canon ip 1000 capturing terminal scrollback buffer? CD drive on a parallel port Re: cdrecord / ATAPI check .deb dependency without installing? Re[2]: Check out for H0T NEWS! check out this GCM E Chevron Email Firewall Alert chkrootkit: Warning: Possible Showtee Rootkit installed Clan clock problems Re: closing mailing lists closing mailing lists (was: spamcop) compile vmware module with 2.6.17 Compiling CPU-optimized packages Compiling flops.c config mixer device for aumix Configure to share Window XP printer (before it was set up samba) Configuring mdadm - Initialise superblock warning configuring mysql server Re: confused. confused. (was: Re: sarge upgrade and preempt kernel) console outputs for root printed also on printer copy a dvd copy debian form vmware to real pc cpld's cpu freq scaling stopped working cpu threshold temperature Crashed: Booting not complete. create a debian mirror site cron problems in Etch/Sid The last update was on 06:29 GMT Tue Aug 20. There are 2991 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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