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AMD 64 Dual Core questions

The MB on my primary box just died and I am going to have to replace it.  The old MB has/had an Athlon 2400+ CPU in it.  The box was running Sarge (kernel 2.6.8).  I had also just installed Etch (kernel 2.6.16) in a seperate set of LVM partitions.

Yesterday's paper had a Fry's add for an ECS C51GM-M MB and An Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core CPU for $199.98.

First, does anyone know anything about this board?  Will it run under linux?

Next, assuming there are no compatability problems with th MB or CPU, can I just replace the MB, add appropriate memory, connect my old HD with Sarge and Etch as mentioned above, and expect the system to boot?  Certainly, it will not see the dual cores and it would be running in 32 bit mode, but will it work so that I can then install an SMP kernel once it is running?

If the above does work and I decide to use 32 bit mode for now (which I do intend to do), is there anything other than installing an SMP kernel that I should do to get my box back into decent running order?

P.S.  I am currently borrowing my 5 year old daughter's box with an Athlon 800 MHz CPU.  Aside from being slow and running KDE for some of the games and edutainment type stuff, I have this for a maximum of a 2 week loan.  Then she wants it back!  So I need to find something soon and it needs to be as inexpensive as I can make it.

Thank you for any help, or pointers.

Marc Shapiro

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