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cron problems in Etch/Sid

Has anyone, running etch or sid, noticed a problem with cron
_not_ running jobs in /etc/crontab?

My mail was not being picked up and when I checked I found that
cron had stopped running jobs in /etc/crontab.

I had Upgraded on Aug 28 to icron_3.0pl1-95 and cron has not run since.

cron_3.0pl1-94_i386.deb  (runs but displays the minute error)
cron_3.0pl1-95_i386.deb  (does not run jobs in /etc/crontab)
cron_3.0pl1-97_i386.deb  (does not run jobs in /etc/crontab)

I had noticed for months that an error message was showing up in syslog
while running cron_3.0pl1-94.

 buddy cron[6507]: Error: bad minute; while reading /etc/crontab
 buddy last message repeated 10 times

The only way to stop that message was to remove _all_ crontab entries,
so I just ignored the message.  Since reinstalling cron_3.0pl1-94 cron
is now running correctly, except for that lame syslog message.


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