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Re: (OT) Prejudice against sendmail?

On Sat, 02 Sep 2006 11:29:41 +0200, Hans du Plooy wrote:

> If you had tried google...

> The second hit would have given you the answer...

> Also, if you go to www.postfix.org, click on "Documentation" and then
> ...
> And lets not forget that when you install postfix on debian it actually
> asks you if you want to configure a smarthost, and even if you say no...
> You could have solved this on your own in a minute.

Start accusation without even trying to understand what others are trying
to do is not a good way to help.

> Just because you know sendmail much better than the other MTAs (if you
> don't know how to setup a relayhost in postfix then I take it you don't
> know much else about postfix), doesn't mean sendmail is really easier.
> It's just easier for you.

Start accusation without even read what I said is even worst. As I said,
I'm just a normal user, not an expert on any MTA at all. Before
troubleshooting my yesterday's problem, I don't even know what msp is,
when people talking about it, let alone knowing its relation/difference
between mta.

What I meant is, from an end user point of view, that it is more likely
for me to *find* answers to my problems in sendmail than any other MTAs,
because it is widely used and thoroughly discussed.

>> My suggestion, speaking from my heart breaking experiences, is that if
>> you are a normal user, not a mail expert or system admin who need to
>> play with mail configuration as you full time job, stick with sendmail,
>> and keep away with postfix, exim, etc.
> I don't understand your logic.  An full time mail admin would easily get
> his head around any MTA, and might opt for sendmail because of it's
> configurability.  But an ordinary user who don't know much about how
> mail works?

yes, go figure out the steps setting up Postfix/SASL/TLS yourself by 
reading the man pages, or coach some John users to do so if you are a
postfix expert. Again, from an end user point of view, the MTA that gives
me the least headache will be the one that I choose. Unfortunately, I had
to go through those headaches myself to know what to choose. This is the
whole purpose why I speak up.

That's the end of discussion. I'm only giving facts *based on my own
experience*. I'm not biased to any MTA and am willing to learn/try new
things. I have no interest to wage any religious wars, or fuel such one.


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