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Re: [OT] Win2k blocks ports to my ISP's pop3 & smtp

T <mlist4suntong@yahoo.com> writes:

> hi
> Please don't flame for this waaa~y OT question -- I'm still trying to
> solve my smarthost problem and was forced to use M$ outlook, I suspect is
> it my ISP's problem but have to prove it, anyway, long story short:

What do you want to use for mail on the win2k system?  Thunderbird?

I recommend downloading wireshark (was called ethereal) for win2k.
That helps me sort stuff out.

> - My Linux is able to telnet to my ISP's pop3 & smtp respective
> ports

Can your win2k telnet into them?  Fire up cmd.exe and run telnet.
Have wireshark capture so you can see what you get.

> - My Win2k (fired under WMWare) is not able to telnet to my ISP's pop3 &
> smtp respective ports, though it can ping them without problem. And web
> browsing is fine. 

I think you mean you can ping the host by sending an ICMP message.  I
don't know how you'd ping the TCP ports.

> - This seems not be the WMWare's problem, because my new grml0.8 launched
> within WMWare can telnet to my ISP's pop3 & smtp respective ports without
> problem. 
> - I've done some homework about Win2k ports blocking, and have verified
> that my TCP/IP filtering & IPSec is not used. 
> - The Win2k is out-of-box vanilla SP4, with bare minimum configuration, no
> firewall or anti-virus SW. 
> It has been so long that I'm not using Windoze, I don't have a clue where
> to look for potential problems now, and where to go for help. 

Yeah networking on windows is a can of worms.  Much easier for me to
configure linux but that may be because I am more used to it.

> If you could give me any hints, it'd be very much appreciated. 

Wireshark is your friend.

> thanks a lot
> PS. plz don't flame this poor guy in this terrible situation. 
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