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Re: aptitude vs. debfoster

On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 22:06:11 -0400, Matej Cepl wrote:
> T wrote:
> > What? All the apache2-common, apache2-mpm-worker, & apache2-utils that get
> > automatically installed are not touched:
> It is weird -- works for me. Can you go to aptitude and check these packages
> which should be removed, whether they have A to the left of the name of the
> package? Something like this:
> i A   kdelibs4c2a                    4:3.5.4-3  4:3.5.4-3
> If they don't, you can fix it "manually" by Shift+M, which should make them
> ready to be deleted. However, why they are not marked so, I have no idea --
> it just works for me. Otherwise you can investigate which packages claim to
> be dependent on them (Reverse dependency -- Shift+R).
> Somebody else could chime in?

Maybe there is a configuration setting that tells aptitude not to remove
unused packages automatically. (This is configurable and I am not sure
what the default setting is.)

The easiest way to check this is probably to start aptitude in
interactive mode, press CTRL + T to activate the menu, go to "Options",
"Dependency handling" and verify that the item "Remove unused packages
automatically" is selected.


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