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Re: (OT) Prejudice against sendmail?

On 07.09.06 23:04, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Thursday 07 September 2006 18:51, Cameron L. Spitzer wrote:
> > [This message has also been posted to linux.debian.user.]
> >
> > In article <6QhSL-64o-49@gated-at.bofh.it>, dsr@tao.merseine.nu wrote:
> > > qmail has the least Debian support, due to uninteresting
> > > licensing issues, but has a large user community and excellent
> > > documentation (www.lifewithqmail.org, qmail.org). It runs nicely
> > > on Debian systems, and is unlikely to require upgrading.
> >
> > Sorry, no.  On anything bigger than your personal mail
> > server, Qmail is going to require replacing with a modern MTA.
> There's a reason to not like it other than just djb-damage?

googling for "qmail bugs wishlist" might help to make your view.

the most annoying parts are accept-then-bounce behaviour and mail unbundling
(mail to more recipients at the same place will be delivered for each
recipient extra)
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