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Re: AMD 64 Dual Core questions

On Friday 01 September 2006 1:43 am, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> Yesterday's paper had a Fry's add for an ECS C51GM-M MB and An Athlon 64 X2 
> 4200+ Dual Core CPU for $199.98. 
>  First, does anyone know anything about this board?  Will it run under linux?

I dunno, I use a Asus A8N-E (nForce4 ultra chipset) and it works great.
Every thing was autodetected correctly.

>  Next, assuming there are no compatability problems with th MB or CPU, can I 
>  just replace the MB, add appropriate memory, connect my old HD with Sarge 
>  and Etch as mentioned above, and expect the system to boot?
>  Certainly, it will not see the dual cores and it would be running in 32 bit mode, 
>  but will it work so that I can then install an SMP kernel once it is running?   

That I couldn't tell you, I upgraded to the newest kernel 2.6.16 before upgrading
my motherboard; but other than that I did exactly what you are gonna do and had
no problems.

>  If the above does work and I decide to use 32 bit mode for now (which I do 
>  intend to do), is there anything other than installing an SMP kernel that I 
>  should do to get my box back into decent running order?  

Install the kernel headers, so that you can build the nVidia graphic drivers if you 
want them. the ones in Debian are a revision behind the newest one that supports
XOrg 7.1.

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