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Re: (OT) Prejudice against sendmail?

CaT wrote:
> Qmails logging is horrendous. There is no link between logs of
> connections and the source and destination of an email. This makes
> tracking an IP of a single hit to many destinations a right rotten pain
> in the arse if not impossible. Its internal message ids are recycled so
> if you have one and wish to see the log entries for it you're mostlikely
> going to be SOL. TAI - because we all need more impediments to quickly
> dealing with logs.

    Oh, yes, I forgot the joy that is qmail's logs.  I actually got around to
writing a quick script that would search the logs for an ID and then look for
the next use of that ID, pair them up and then release the ID as usable again
in it's searches.  If nothing else it gave me a good exercise in Python
programming.  Maybe that was his ploy all the time, to provide practical
real-world scripting exercises?  :)

> Its queue management sucks bottom.  If I want to clear out a queue of
> spam I effectively have to shut the service down, keep it down whilst
> deleting and bring it back up.

    Yup, been there, done that.  Whole reason the afore mentioned service had
dozens of thousands of messages in the queue at all times.  It just wasn't
worth it to clean the queue out.  Gotta give credit where credit is due, qmail
rarely had problems with the self-imposed strain but it is clear it was never
designed for anything other than pure benchmark speed.

> Qmail is a dirty, rotten little whore.

    Sorry, but I think that is insulting to dirty, rotten little whores the
world over.

> There's more. I know there's more but I think my mind is blanking it out
> and protecting me from it incase I pick up something sharp and pointy.

    Ooo, how about the fact that it espouses "the unix way" where each job is
done by a specialized program, plays up how this provides for
interchangeability and yet it is one of the hardest programs to interface with
on the planet?  I mean let's just take the case of mailing list managers.
Majordomo, listman, listar (whatever it's named now) and about a dozen others
all work with everything but qmail.  There's 1 for qmail, which blows, that
works with nothing else.  Interoperable by fine feathered fanny!

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