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asus am2

hi out there!

bought myself a m2npv-vm asus am2 motherboard and a workinghorse_cpu amd sempron 3200+ am2 256kb.

installed sarge on a 120 gigaB hd and all went well.

till i mounted a second hd and tried to copy files from this hd to my new 120GB device.

this went terribly slow: 500 kb pro second.

then i installed hdparm and did as # hdparm /dev/hda. hdparm told me that dma was off. so i did as root <hdparm -d1 /dev/hda> and to my surprise hdparm told mee it was not permitted to turn (u)dma to 'on'.

my seller (update.nl). trustworthy over years, told me after days of testing this was not a hardware problem. could it be that sarge does not recognize this am2 motherboard that works with DDR2 memory; or is this something else?

i am confused! maybe one of you can enlighten me on this rather annoying problem?

all suggestions are most welcome,


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