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bttv tuner card and tuner problems

I have now been working on this for quite some time and cannot figure this out. I am trying to get my leadtek tuner with a bttv chip working. It is an NTSC tuner but debian etch insists on setting the tuner to type 5 which is a PAL type. Needless to say it does not work. I have tried putting various options lines in modules.conf using both bttv and tuner as the module but I keep getting a tuner type 5. I had this card working in this very system under Fedora Core 4 but an switching all my linux system to Debian. I tried this same system under sarge but the kernel was to old and did not support this card so I installed FC4 and it worked fine when I was able to pass the tuner as an option to the module. What do I need to do in Etch to pass the tuner=2 option to the bttv module? I have been googling for the past 10 hours trying everything I could find but nothing worked. The Etch install is up to date and I'm running a 2.6.16 686 kernel. Thank you in advance for you help.

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