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Arts crashes on logout reporting CPU overload


Every time I logout from KDE, Arts crashes with a reported cpu overload.
My computer continues with a shut down only after quite a while, and
after I've clicked the 'ok' button. Killing Arts manually greatly speeds
up this process (of course).
Until recently the problems where even larger, as Arts crashed giving
the same report, after it was running for a few minutes. At least that
has stopped, but this is annoying enough anyway.
I'm using the testing distribution, and I've installed two devices:
VIA-8237 on-board sound and a SB Live 5.1.
I've read occasional messages about problems with arts and other KDE
programs, but as I couldn't find any report on this list or a reported
bug, I wondered if anybody else is experiencing this problem. Also, I
hope somebody can help me to solve this problem. If any more information
is needed, please ask so I can provide it.


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