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Re: (OT) Prejudice against sendmail?

On Sat, 2006-09-02 at 11:52 +0200, T wrote:
> Start accusation without even trying to understand what others are trying
> to do is not a good way to help.
What you said you were trying to was fairly simple - have postfix
forward mail to your ISP.  You didn't mention authentication before.  I
simply searched as you said you did and showed you what I found.

> > Just because you know sendmail much better than the other MTAs (if you
> > don't know how to setup a relayhost in postfix then I take it you don't
> > know much else about postfix), doesn't mean sendmail is really easier.
> > It's just easier for you.
> Start accusation without even read what I said is even worst. As I said,
> I'm just a normal user, not an expert on any MTA at all.
You didn't say that. You said "speaking from my heart breaking
experiences, is that if you are a normal user" and then "Just yesterday,
I noticed my well configured sendmail......Good luck to troubleshoot
this with postfix, exim, etc." which made it sound like you know your
stuff with Sendmail but are unfamiliar with Postfix.

> What I meant is, from an end user point of view, that it is more likely
> for me to *find* answers to my problems in sendmail than any other MTAs,
> because it is widely used and thoroughly discussed.
Fair enough.

> >> My suggestion, speaking from my heart breaking experiences, is that if
> >> you are a normal user, not a mail expert or system admin who need to
> >> play with mail configuration as you full time job, stick with sendmail,
> >> and keep away with postfix, exim, etc.
> >
> > I don't understand your logic.  An full time mail admin would easily get
> > his head around any MTA, and might opt for sendmail because of it's
> > configurability.  But an ordinary user who don't know much about how
> > mail works?
> yes, go figure out the steps setting up Postfix/SASL/TLS yourself by 
> reading the man pages,
Again, you only mentioned making your MTA deliver mail to your ISP.
The steps you posted in reply to Steve Lamb's post, tells my yout tried
to setup Postfix not as a client talking to a remote server, but as a
server accepting connections from clients using TLS and SASL auth.  The
former is quick to set up, the latter can be quite a nightmare, in part
because SASL is not as "Simple" as the name suggests.

Please understand that I did not not try to attack or accuse you of
anything.  You post made it sound like Postfix was really complex to set
up and that information and help is not available - I merely pointed out
that that is really not the case, and gave you the links for the things
you wanted to - hoping that might send you in the right direction.

I am not an expert on any MTA.  Work with a variety of MTAs - whatever
clients happen to have.  More often than not I have to consult the
documentation to get the job done.  I do find Sendmail to be more tricky
simply because things aren't always as obvious as with Postfix and
Exim's almost-plain-english config files, but all four certainly have a
wealth of information available online, and busy mailing lists that are


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