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Re: (OT) Prejudice against sendmail?

Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Sorry, no.  On anything bigger than your personal mail
>> server, Qmail is going to require replacing with a modern MTA.
> There's a reason to not like it other than just djb-damage?

Aside from DJB (which is big reason enough for me), the biggest reason why I
wouldn't touch qmail with ten-feet pole is vendor lock-in. With reasonably
complicated configuration of sendmail/postfix/exim you can switch between
each other with reasonable amount of work. With qmail (in either direction)
you just have to start from scratch. Binaries in /var/qmail/bin (which is
fixed in Debian) are just the tip of the iceberg that DJB wants to do
things in other way than the rest of the world. I am affected by qmail on
the server my primary domain is hosted (I don't have root password there)
and it is really PITA to dance around qmail issues. Just say "No".

More thorough (and from much more authoritative source) discussion is on


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