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Re: [OT] Firefox interface font...?

Hello Tom.

> The general GTK font can be changed easily with switch2,
> which edits ~/.gtkrc-2.0 accordingly. Firefox, however,
> doesn't obey the settings in that file. Some searching
> taught me about userChrome.css, but adding
> {
>         font-size: 10pt !important;
>         font-family: tahoma sans-serif !important;
> }
> to it doesn't change anything either.Does anybody know
> how Firefox's UI font can be set?

There are two errors in the above CSS code.

First: The selector is missing. With the selector you say which elements should
be affected by the rules.

Second: Multiple values for the font-family property have to be comma separated.

So a valid CSS code would look like this:

* {
  font:10pt Tahoma, sans-serif !important;

With this you select every element in the GUI. (I combined font-size and
font-family to the font property.)

Regards, Mathias

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