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[Fwd: asus am2] solved


bought myself a m2npv-vm asus am2 motherboard and a workinghorse_cpu amd sempron 3200+ am2 256kb.

installed sarge on a 120 gigaB hd and all went well.

till i mounted a second hd and tried to copy files from this hd to my new 120GB device.

this went terribly slow: 500 kb pro second.

then i installed hdparm and did as # hdparm /dev/hda. hdparm told me that dma was off. so i did as root <hdparm -d1 /dev/hda> and to my surprise hdparm told mee it was not permitted to turn (u)dma to 'on'.

i am confused! maybe one of you can enlighten me on this rather annoying problem?
_/solved it myself. upgraded to etch and installed a 2.16.x kernel./_ *


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