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Re: Braindead package management -- was Re: Use of dpkg --set-selections is brain-dead?

On Fri, 01 Sep 2006 12:12:49 -0400, Michael S. Peek wrote:

>>>...  If I specify: lpr- and cupsys-bsd+ (which conflicts w/ lpr), then
>>>apt-get chokes on cupsys-bsd, saying that it can't proceed because it
>>>conflicts w/ lpr (duh, that's what the lpr- on the command line was
>>It should work. That's the trick I used to play. Now I'm thinking that
>>your whole package management system is in some kind of weird stage
> Nope, still just as dumb:
> [update-tiem]: Command: aptitude -y -o

Ahh, aptitude, the source of all evil and trouble. Try this:

 apt-get install lpr- cupsys-bsd+  

and follow the instruction if apt-get thinks its DB need to be fixed (-f)...


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