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Re: (OT) Prejudice against sendmail?

Prejudice against sendmail? I think so personally. There are too many
people trash talk sendmail here, I think it is time that I speak up.

On Fri, 01 Sep 2006 14:09:29 +0100, John Kelly wrote:

>>Do you have some expirience with sendmail
> Sendmail has the best integration with cyrus imapd, via socket maps.
> Sendmail also has a commercial organization which relies on the open
> source codebase, so you have more than one paid developer working with the
> code.
> The linux kernel has security holes on a more frequent basis than
> sendmail.  But I stay up to date with fixes, and my systems have never
> been compromised via sendmail or the linux kernel.

[...other insightful info skipped...]

I totally agree with John, every of his statement is backup by evidences. 

There seems so many people toning down sendmail. I have "followed the
crowd", and only recently I've realized that I am the victim of such
prejudice against sendmail. 

My suggestion, speaking from my heart breaking experiences, is that if you
are a normal user, not a mail expert or system admin who need to play with
mail configuration as you full time job, stick with sendmail, and keep
away with postfix, exim, etc. 

Why? You'll have better support. Recently I need to config my MTA to use
smarthost to talk to my ISP. For several weeks, I tried to do it with
Exim. Then another several weeks on postfix, I searched and asked, all
efforts ended no where. 

Reluctantly, I get back to the "old" and "not good" sendmail. But
surprisingly, I succeeded within hours -- no need to ask anyone, all the
questions and answers are already on the net. 

Regarding better support, which's the most important thing to me as a
normal user, sendmail is much much better than other MTAs.

Moreover, sendmail is better for troubleshooting as well. Just yesterday,
I noticed my well configured sendmail does not work in my new grml0.8 any
more. I get:

                /var/spool/mqueue (1 request)
-----Q-ID----- --Size-- -----Q-Time----- ------------Sender/Recipient-----------
k81Aupfj021818     1767 Fri Sep  1 12:56 MAILER-DAEMON
                 (reply: read error from my.isp.com.)
                Total requests: 1

Good luck to troubleshoot this with postfix, exim, etc. 


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