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check .deb dependency without installing?


Aptitude's highlighting of installed/not installed packages is great!

I've downloaded a .deb, not from /etc/apt/sources.list.
I wish to check without running dpkg --install foo.deb whether all
dependencies for this .deb are satisfied, or whether I need to install
more packages.

apt-get --dry-run --simulate --no-act does not seem to fit because it
checks a package from a known repository, not my local .deb file.

It looks like I'm missing something like rpm's --nobuild.

dpkg --info foo.deb is of little help: I would need to check by hand each
element in the Depends: line, e.g. is libatk1.0.0 (>= 1.12.1) satisfied? 

I discovered dpkg --dry-run -i foo.deb, but that did not report unsatisfied dependencies (although I now know there are some, after trying dpkg -i foo.deb out of despair).

What did I miss?

Thanks for your help,
	Jorg Hohle
Telekom/T-Systems Technology Center

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