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Re: canon ip 1000


S. M. Ibrahim (Lavlu) wrote:
>>>> i am going to mad for the support of canon ip 1000 :(
>>> You could try to convert the official drivers[0] via alien to Debians
>>> packagein format and install them. I did so with my iP4200 and it works
>>> like a charm.
> great to hear that, it's work for u.
> i tried this process on sarge, but failed :( . the printer driver is on the 
> list. but not working.

You mean within CUPS? Do you get any errors?

> can u tell me, the details procedure, that u done??

Not much; I downloaded the RPM-packages, converted them via alien, installed
them and that’s it. I did use Turboprint before but am quite glad that the
drivers work.

> which packages need to install. all these 3 ??? 

You must install the common package and the driver specific package. The third
package only gives you some commandline tools for printing. (Which you probably
won’t ever need.)

Regards, Mathias


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