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Re: Building a Static Local Mirror fro CD images

"John Gallagher" <john@gallaghernet.com> wrote in message news:001001c6d04b$eee1d520$0101a8c0@computer...
I have a 3 cd set of Debian Sarge 3.1 for I386.

I want to create a local apt-mirror to install my systems from using only
the packages on the CD. The systems I am building are very picky about the packages that are installed. I do not want any updates as I have certified the applications to work with the stuff that comes on the CD's and a handful
of other packages.  I have managed to create a small repository for the
additional deb packages which works fine.

I have also used  apt-cdrom and apt-move to create a mirror that works for
the .deb files on the cd.

The problem is that I can not install the os using a minimal boot cd and
then pointing it at my mirror.  I can install with CD1 the base image and
then point at my local mirrors to finish the install (stage 2 after the
first reboot).

Ultimately I would like to preseed the installation from a network file but my understanding is that does not work unless you do a network install. The
network install disk works fine with the public mirrors however this will
not work for my environment.

With Redhat you simply mount the cd images and copy them into a directory
(/mirrors/fedora-c5/) and then either export it with NFS or make it
available with apache.

What is the easiest way to make the Debian CD images available on my local
net for installation?  I must be missing something...

Um.. Does loopback mounting the images and exporting them over the network not work? (Point the installer to each of the cds as though they were seperate mirrors.)

I have not tried it, but I belive it should work.

It sounds like you are trying to merge the CD's into one repository, whcih is a bit harder. It can be done, though if the individual cd's don't work.

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