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Re: cron problems in Etch/Sid

Aleksej(deletesoftware@post.ru) is reported to have said:
> Wayne Topa wrote:
> > Has anyone, running etch or sid, noticed a problem with cron
> > _not_ running jobs in /etc/crontab?
> Just over an hour ago.
> > I had Upgraded on Aug 28 to icron_3.0pl1-95 and cron has not run since.
> Etch, -95; don't know when I upgraded it.
> Nothing in the logs about that, it just doesn't execute anything.
> I had tried to try selinux today, but it didn't work, so I deleted it.
> That was before the problem.

Humm.  It seems that not many are having this problem, or haven't
noticed it yet.  Strange....

-95 & -97 act the same way.  Guess its time for a bug report, altho 
there are a lot of old bugs that show the same problems we are having.

Cron is only 1 of 4 prograns that were upgraded on the 28th that I'm
having problems with.  I haven't found an cause for this one, yet.

When root logs in on tty1 it shows

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
No mail.
-bash: no job control in this shell    <-----------------???????
Loading Custom Keys...
VT1 root-3-ETCH:~#

Sonetime later, the time varies, that tty is logged off, by the system.
Logging in again is normal ie: -bash: no job control in this shell message is
not there.


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