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[no subject] 2.4.20 and NVidia problem 3d Acceleration Radeon 7500M - Tuxracer runs really slow! Re: [Dri-users] I500m: loading agpgart module [Fwd: Floppy Install of Debian] [Fwd: RE:Problem with hermes wireless card] Re: [OT] Can Samba and NFS coexist? Re: Acer Aspire's 24x CDRW only writing 8x Acer TravelMate 520iT ACPI and kernel patching (was: I fried my Sony Vaio PCG-FXA678) ACPI in a Vaio fx802 Re: ACPI in a Vaio fx804 ACPI on Compaq Presario 1400 Re: ACPI sleep/hibernation mode alt-gr problem off-topic Annoying full screen when mozilla opens Anybody with Debian on an iBook2.2? armada 100s can't figure out what driver to use for eth on HP lapotop Re: Change interface name checking ssh tunnels: best practices? Cisco Aironet 352 Wireless PCI Compaq Evo N800c Conceptronic C22C wireless card, trouble console vga mode problem CONTROLADORES Corrupted text Debian didn't boot from CD Re: Debian Linux on a Gericom A2 Debian on HP pavilion ze5385us Debian Upgrade Dell Inspiron 8200 strange crash with alsa DRI Problems with XFree 4.2.1 and ATI Mobility Radeon LY dvd devices DVDs reproduction a little slow in Clevo laptop eepro100 and dhcp on new kernel external monitor on Acer TM210? fstab entry in motd GNOME theme installation Group help help xserver-xfree86-dri-mach64 How many of you? Re: I fried my Sony Vaio PCG-FXA678 I search a laptop without problem in France I500m: loading agpgart module IBM Thinkpad R40 Inspiron 2600 - i830 driver Installation of a Topcom USB LAN 100 ADAPTER for IBM Thinkpad 600??? Jetzt im neuen Outfit... just arrived and first question Keyboard problem Linksys WPC11 on Debian Woody : some IRQ prob Re: Linux on Toshiba Satellite 2450-101 Notebook make-kpkg megahertz ccxjem3288 multi-function supported? misterious kernel message on booting Netinst using 3Com 589d failure Network install on a laptop Network problem after sleeping on PPC Newbie source build question for wireless network nic oddity(Gateway solo1200 w/VIA VT6102 [Rhine-II]) Re: OpenGL hardware accelerated 3d rendering OpenGL Mach64 accelerated 3d rendering Opinions on Lindows Mobile PC Re: Pavilion ZE5244 PCMCIA and ISA relation PCMCIA Failure on Kernel Recompile PCMCIA install / nfs mounted cdroms Re: Pcmcia network card startup pcmcia-cs installation portege 3020 and linux 2.4 Possible fix: Toshiba 2430-S255 & 2.4.20 kernel... Potato on a Zenith Z-Note 433 Lpn+ Problem with hermes wireless card Problem with Netgear MA401 wlan card Problems getting ACPI support to work on a HP Pavilion problems with PackardBell igo 3451 keyboard PSION 56k + 10/100 PCMCIA-card (cardbus) reset console echo mode Fwd: RV: Re: S-video S-video/scart....solved Screen resolution Sell NI-MH battery sleep or suspend mode Small Wlan + XFree86 problem SMC2632W-V2 & Woody RE: sound issues Sound on a ThinkPad 560X Re: Sound on a ThinkPad 560X - SOLVED sound on armada e500 w/debian Sound on Toshiba T4700 CT spilt orange juice on thinkpad Strange lines with differents colors Re: system clock runs too fast on pb12" system fan on Dell Inspiron 8000 after suspend testing... thinkpad t20 modem TI PCI 1211 cardbus controller problem in Presario 1200 xl101 Toshiba 2430-S255 and 2.4 kernel Toshiba laptops & Debian Toshiba Satellite 2450 touchpad problems transfering files from 2 computers trouble getting suspend-to-disk (hibernate) with apm working troubles with ACPI on a NEC LaVie MX TuxMobil News 05/2003 TV out on NVidia 440 MX UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe USB hub recognition usb mouse USB-cardreader on PowerPC? why my exim service can not be launch ?? winmodem and Adsl conflict? Wireless D-Link DWL- 650+ wireless device has ip, can't ping Wireless packet loss - still need help Wireless packet loss - The Solution WLAN Problems WLAN: Throughput on a Netgear MA401 Re: Writing Cd's with TOSHIBA SD-R21021715 XF86 on Gateway 450 w/ ATI Mobility M6 Xfree 4.2.1-6 with ATI Rage Mobility... Re: XFree86, i830m, 1400x1050 Re: XFree86, i830m, 1400x1050 addition XWindows "no screens found" ze4312 The last update was on 12:17 GMT Sun May 06. There are 415 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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