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Re: How many of you?

> Reading this list with interest a thought occurs to me.
> How many of you have actually installed linux on a laptop and not had to
> configure more than one or two programs to get a working system.
> I'm not talking about configuring it to how you like it, I'm talking about it
> just working so that you can get the work done with no fuss.

I found that installing my laptop was no easier or harder than the
desktops I've setup before. If the hardware is well supported, I think
the installer will give you a nice system to work with. I actually have
done it the hard way, either on laptop or desktop systems: I've skipped
the installer as soon as I could and choose the packages I wanted by
"apt-gettting" them..

(Im my particular laptop install, I had to deal with xfree configuration,
but just because xfree from woody would not run my ati 7500. Going to
xfree from sarge worked it.)

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