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Re: 3d Acceleration Radeon 7500M - Tuxracer runs really slow!

On Sat, 3 May 2003 ben@ausipos.com wrote:

> hmm... running glxgears  from console gives me a blank screen.
> and a frame rate of only 550 odd FPS:
> 2773 frames in 5.0 seconds = 554.600 FPS
> nothing odd seems to come up in dmesg or xf86.log
> changed colour depth to 16, still get blank screen, but frame rate improved to:
> 5299 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1059.800 FPS
> I don't spose you could send me your XF86Config-4 could you I might be able to figure out what is wrong by looking at it..
> I have included my log and current config in this post, if you'ld like to have a look, although I can understand if you don't want to...!

There you go! As I've said, the problem is not tux-racer specific. Use
glxgears as your reference to find out if you have your DRI working ok or
At this time you don't have a working DRI. There has been several postings
about "glxgears show no gears". As I've said before, I've also had that
problem and I got around it installing some different Xfree from a so
called "drm trunk".

I'm ssh'ing to a remote console at the moment, so I can't give you my
Xfree config now, but I'll send it later... At that time I'll take a look
at your files, but I don't promise I'll find the solution... I hope
tomorrow I can do all that, ok?

Please google for "debian dri ati", and some other variations.
The radeon.o that I have working was compiled from some package
"drm-trunk.tar.gz" and I'm pretty sure it was gotten from

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