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Re: sound on armada e500 w/debian

Received at 2003-05-02 / 18:19 by R. Potter:
> I am new to this mail list, so forgive me if I don't provide enough details for every one.  I hope this is the right list for my msg.
> I have an Armada E500 (PIII 600, 128mb ram, 12 gig).  I finally got Debian 3.0 installed but unable to get sound.  I know SUSE will work, but I played around with KNOPPIX and fell in love with the APT-GET feature of Debian.  So I am trying to make it work.
> Does any one here have the Armada E500 with Debian?  

no, i do not, but check this site:

there is another report in german to be found via http://www.linux-on-laptops.com.
also check http://tuxmobil.org/mylaptops.html from time to time.


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