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Re: How many of you?

When the hardware is not supported, this can get strange.  I've
done HP Omnibook 6000s and 500s, with the only real problems
being unsupported winmodes.  Omnibook 510s work okay now, but
used to have problems with older versions of XFree86 -- and
still have the winmodem problem.  I've installed (or helped
install) Debian (woody, testing and sid) on a couple hundred
of these machines.

For the machines with *fully* supported hardware, stuff seems
to work fine with Debian.  I had to provide info to debconf,
but that's to be exected.  I've installed Debian woody, testing
and sid on Compaq Evo n400c's, n600c's, and n410c's.  The last
time I counted, it was somewhere around 20-30 machines.

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 06:35, Craig Genner wrote:
> Reading this list with interest a thought occurs to me.
> How many of you have actually installed linux on a laptop and not had to 
> configure more than one or two programs to get a working system.
> I'm not talking about configuring it to how you like it, I'm talking about it 
> just working so that you can get the work done with no fuss.
> Craig
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