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RE: I search a laptop without problem in France

Do not use Gericom. The keyboiards break at some point, no pcmcia port, the
lcd display isn't that robust...

I've had toshiba and ibm laptops, they're great. 

Hope this helps.

Bon courage :)


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I'm in France, and I'm looking for a laptop with linux for all my work.

I find gericom laptop but they seem too fragile.

I find hp laptop as ZT 1201 S (or ZE 4234 S, ZE 4208 S) at about 900 EUR. 
They are perhaps a little old, but I believe hp-laptops are robust.

but I find no help about linux on these laptop. 
There are no entry on linux-on-laptops, tuxmobile, and google.

Do you know these laptops ? 
Can I use linux on it ? with xfree ?
Can I use pcmcia port for a wifi use ? 
Do you know the advantages and faults of it ?
What other laptop can I buy ? (at about 1000 EUR)

Have a good day.


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