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Re: How many of you?

Hi Craig,

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 01:35:41PM +0100, Craig Genner wrote:
> Reading this list with interest a thought occurs to me.
> How many of you have actually installed linux on a laptop and not had to 
> configure more than one or two programs to get a working system.
> I'm not talking about configuring it to how you like it, I'm talking about it 
> just working so that you can get the work done with no fuss.

 I got Debian working on Armada 7792DMT, 7400 and E500. all of them
worked nearly out of the box (with XFree 3.3 you had to configure a
little bit more than now). Only suspend to disk wont work with the E500,
but it doesn't work with Windows either, so not Debian fault (384 MB
RAM are to much for the BIOS I supose, maybe a Problem with APM). Even
the winmodem works fine, including faxing.


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