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Problem with Netgear MA401 wlan card

I had my netgear PCMCIA card up and running after my install without problems but it would´nt send faster data then up to about 12-15kb/s. I read that it could work better with the "linux-wlan-ng" driver. So i did "apt-get install linux-wlan-ng" and packages where installed. Now nothing worked with the card so i uninstalled the packages again with "apt-get remove linux-wlan-ng". I saw that some folders and files where not removed so i did "dpkg -p"(i think) and got rid of some more files. Anyhow nothing still works with the card. I hoped that uninstalling the packages would set everything back to where i was before but so was not the fact. I would be glad for any advice (i need very precise instructions, i am not a linux guru, but i got Debian working very good and i am glad for that).
niklas, sweden

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