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TuxMobil News 05/2003


editing the monthly digest of the TuxMobil News
http://tuxmobil.org/newsfeed.html I noticed that May 2003 brought us
noteworthy applications and news for mobile Linux geeks. Here
is an extract of the monthly digest:

- laptopkernel containing all the patches required to run recent laptops 
  was initially released. Please support this project.

- TheftGuard made by the BIOS manufacturer Phoenix is a
  theft deterrent application not depending on a certain
  operating system, which cannot be removed by replacing the harddisk 
  For more remedies to protect Linux laptops and PDAs see

- The HP Linux laptop sold in Thailand got many attention. But
  as CNETASIA reports analysts say this notebook will be a unique case
  For other rumors about Linux laptop, PDA and
  accessory support by manufacturers see

- The first available Centrino laptops were soon be equipped
  with a free operating system by some Linux geeks. 
  There are links to many installation reports and useful patches at 

- TuxMobil - Linux on Mobile Computers was former known as MobiliX.
  Because of a severe trademark charge the name had to be changed to TuxMobil.
  But this is not yet the end of the story, a detailed request 
  to permit an appeal to the highest German civil court 
  was done at May 27th
  At the 4th Libre Softwaremeeting in Metz (France) July 2003,
  I will give a talk about the case.


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