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Re: XFree86, i830m, 1400x1050 addition

> Actually i just realized that my post didnt answer your question.
> Sorry i should read more carefully.
> But i use the opportunity and ask if someone got the ati framebuffer, only for 
> the console, to work at 1400x1050 (on an ati rage mobility P/M).
> cause if i use the vesa framebuffer at 1280x1024 (or lower) my Xserver will 
> start but only very messy and unusable (even if i use ati2 X module)
> That means i cant use a framebuffer console at the same time with xfree.
> But i would need it cause the tiny screen in the middle of my display running 
> a standart console is rather frustrating.

I have a Compaq Armada M700 with ATI Mobility on it and I had the same
problems with running framebuffer on the console and X window (using
ati2 module). This went away however, when I switched into version

I also tried to get kernel's ati framebuffer (for the console) to work,
but no success. I couldn't figure out why it's not working; all I was 
getting was black screen ...Right now I'm using vesa in 1024x786, not without the
glitches but generally it works all right.



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