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Re: Problem with Netgear MA401 wlan card

Andre Berger wrote:
* niklas adolfsson <niklas.adolfsson@home.se>, 2003-05-26 18:12 -0400:
niklas adolfsson wrote:
I am still interested on how to make it work fully, but i dont want to 
experiment, i don't download big files on this system, only check mail 
and surf the internet so i am not really in need of more than 12 kb/s
I'm using my Netgear MA401 with the hostap driver
<http://hostap.epitest.fi/>. Be sure to either use the CVS version,
or apply a patch to the 0.0.3 source (it was on the hostap mailing
list, I could send it to you) because there is a problem with the
0.0.3 Makefile.

I can't tell you how fast it is because I never bothered. We share
a dial-up connection ;) 

Thanks i will look into it


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